Mechanical Engineers needed for KSA

Job Summary

01 Year Contract.
Number of Positions: 05
Education: Bachelor Degree-Engineering (B.E.)
Work Experience :12-13 years
English Language Level:Fluent
Maximum Age: N/A
Computer Skill level:Excellent
Job Openings ID: 137
Job Location: Saudi arabia
Nationality: Pakistani

Job Description

  • Ensure the combined work list Organized.
  • Ensure the integration between multi work forces is taken place is applicable.
  • Ensure the network and schedule is reviewed and agreed by all disciple.
  • Ensure all operation Shutting down requirements are identified.
  • Ensure the required resources and services are available on time.
  • Ensure that the critical path and major work are printed and posted.
  • Review and ensure the Pre stat up safety review sheet are correct and posted.
  • Ensure the daily activities schedule distributed to concerned discipline.
  • Prepare the TAM items.
  • Review the last TAM requirements and comments.
  • Prepare the complete work package ( P&lD, Isometric Drawing, Equipment specification, Blind list, Material list, Procedures, and work scope).
  • Review the TAM package with maintenance & inspection clarify the Comments Create Purchase Requisition for External Spares.
  • Stock material Issues.
  • Create Purchase Order for external services requirements (lump Sum contractors, CV & PSV overhauling, scaffolding, insulation activities, crane requirements, manpower requirements …etc).
  • Print Pick list for Stock Items and send it to maintenance and ware house for spare issuing.
  • Receive Delivery from Vendors.
  • Deliver Materials to Work Center through the lump gum contractor in SHARQ spare container.
  • Review the quotations received from contractor through the SMO and give Our comments and recommendation.
  • Arrange the interview with all contractor for the TAM activities.
  • Arrange the site visit far contractors to know the TAM items.
  • Prepare a file with all PR information and contractors contact numbers and there mobilization progress.
  • Create MS project fie for all TAM activities and Identify the critical path and resources required and discuss with concerned discipline for optimization.
  • Incorporate the tune line of the other projects into the T/A schedule.
  • Identify all the pre- TIA required resources.
  • Prepare, review and distribute the daily schedule during TIA execution.
  • Track and update the daily schedule.
  • Estimate, plan and incorporate the approved additional work into the Schedule.
  • Mobilization and demobilization for TAM contractors into SHARQ Site through the planner coordination.
  • Prepare the daily progress report.
  • Generate closing report.
  • Create a return slip for all non-used spears in the TAM.
  • Close TAM orders.
  • Communicate with contractors to submit the invoices in order to review it and Create the SES for them.
  • Enter History & Close PM Notification.
  • Call for a critique meeting and list all comments and recommendation for that TAM in order to process it in the future TAM.
  • Technical Completion.
  • Accounts payable.
  • Settlement for PM Orders.
  • Business Closure for all TAM orders.
  • Create the Final TAM report.


Special Skills & Knowledge

  • Good Knowledge in Maintenance for Mechanical & Piping.
  • Good Team Work & leadership.
  • Attention to Detail when planning and organizing multiple work stream and resources.


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